A Beautiful End to the Season

09-03-2023 Featured image

The first Sunday in September was the last of the season for the parishioners of St. Aidan’s Chapel. Labor Day weekend delivered perfect weather as folks gathered under the beech tree to attend the communion service and hear Bishop Carol Gallagher’s thoughtful sermon. Once again she concluded her comments with a gentle hymn, sung to…

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Whom do you admire? [Bishop Carol Gallagher]

Bishop Carol Gallagher

Bishop Carol Gallagher responded as follows: “I truly admire Bishop Tutu, who I was blessed to meet at my very first House of Bishops. He had lived a life of service and was often derided and abused, but he loved everyone he met and bubbled over with contagious laughter often.”

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Consecration and Communion

Service 08-26-2023

The penultimate Sunday of the 2023 season was full of ceremony and heart as Rev. Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph presided over two communion services and the consecration of the newly expanded Memorial Garden. They were attended by parishioners who worshipped at two services held both inside and outside the Chapel. Once again, Alan Lauderdale supplied…

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A Question of Love and Faith

Tree and Congregation

The Rev. Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph, returning for her third summer at St. Aidan’s, offered a beautiful worship service under the sheltering beech tree in the Chapel garden. The weather was perfect as 85 (plus) parishioners were queried thoughtfully during Rev. Arlette’s sermon: “How is your faith walk going?” Such a simple question was compelling…

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Whom Do You Admire? [Rev. Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph]

Rev. Canon Joseph

Hands down Mother Teresa. As a child, I admired her piety, humility, centeredness, and love of service and God. Through the lens of my adulthood for me, she emulated Christ’s love for this world and people through her acts of service. Her legacy is one of deep faith in God, steadfast courage, and fierce love.…

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Summer Social Soiree

Soiree 2023

An enthusiastic group of community members gathered at the Salters Point Casino on August 18 to toast the 2023 season. Once again, the generosity of our corps of volunteers revealed their commitment to the common good. Thanks to the leadership of Marguerite Graham and Karyn Campbell, the party was a charming success. From set-up to…

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Rain, Shine, and Baptismal Joys

Service 08-13-2023

A heavy rainstorm gave way to sunny skies as the eighth week of worship services concluded on Sunday. The sanctuary was full with an overflow group of parishioners listening under the portico as Rev. Noah Van Niel led the service. His sermon on the meaning of “doubt” offered his usual blend of intellectual rigor and…

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William Wordsworth’s ~ The World is too Much With Us

Service 08-06-2023

The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon; The winds that will be howling at all hours, And are…

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Ringing in August

Service 08-06-2023

Another perfect day of sunny weather welcomed Rev. Noah Van Niel and his family for their sixth summer at St. Aidan’s. Over 85 parishioners attended the communion worship service, held outdoors underneath the beech tree in the Chapel garden. Rev. Noah wove his interpretation of William Wordsworth’s evocative poem, The World is Too Much With…

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Rev. Noah Van Niel, whom do you admire?

Rev. Noah

Who is a well-known person, past or present, that you admire? Well assuming that I can’t say Jesus, since my chosen profession should make that clear already, another well-known person I greatly admire is Nelson Mandela. I admire his fortitude, his patience, the strength of his convictions and the grace and equanimity of his person. Had…

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