Update – June 30, 2020

Dear Friends of St. Aidan’s,

We’ve been busy preparing for the opening of the Chapel over the last few weeks and I wanted to bring you up to date on changes to the summer program as a result of recent guidance from the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.  On June 15th,
the Bishops issued guidance on preparing for Stage Two openings.  Based on this guidance the Standing Committee
has concluded that we will only hold outdoor worship services in 2020.  If inclement weather is forecasted for Sunday
morning, we will cancel the worship service and provide notice of the cancelation in this section of the website as well as at the Chapel no later than the Saturday afternoon proceeding the canceled service.

We are in the final stages of the reopening approval process with the Diocese and are looking forward to holding our first service on Sunday morning July 5th at 9am.

Notes on the Sunday service:·

  • As I mentioned in my June 5th letter, our services through out the summer will be spoken morning prayer
    services.  In other words, we will not be singing nor will we be celebrating holy communion this summer.

  • Chairs will be sanitized and set up to reflect the recommended social distancing guidelines on the lawn outside the Chapel.  Chairs will be set up in one, two or three(or more) person clusters to facilitate seating.

  • Attendance at the service will be taken by an usher.  You will be asked for the name of a contact person in your group, his/her phone number and the number of people in your group.

  • Parishioners will be seated from the front row to the back row as they process in.  At the end of the service, the process will reverse and those in the back rows will recess followed by those in the front rows, all while maintaining appropriate social distance.

  • We will not be gathering for refreshments before or after the service.

  • Please follow the lead of our clergy and wear a face mask at the service.  We will have extra face masks available if you need one.

  • On the welcome table, which will be set up on the lawn as you enter the Chapel grounds, there will be the following:

    • Hand sanitizer and paper towels

    • Face masks

    • Service Bulletins

    • Offering plates

  • The Chapel will be closed to parishioners before, during and after the worship service.

    Other matters:

  • Parishioners who have been determined by the CDC to be at higher risk to the Covid-19 virus should consider refraining from
    attending in-person services.

  • The Chapel will be closed during the week during Summer 2020

  • The Centering Prayer program has been cancelled during Summer 2020

If you have any questions please contact Steve Hatfield at sfhatfield@comcast.net