Baptisms and Sunday Joy

Three baptisms were held on Sunday, July 31 in front of a supportive group of parishioners, the largest gathering of the summer so far. Ninety-seven people assembled under the shade of the beech tree as Rev. Noah Van Niel led the worship service, his last of 2022.  The singing of hymns with flute interludes by Maestro A. Lauderdale accompanied birdsong in the garden. After a compelling sermon that included Noah’s reflections on the continuing impact of our own baptismal vows, the three Pennoyer children, Victoria, Russell, and James, were christened with tenderness and joy in the presence of their parents, Robbie and Penny, and an affirming group of godparents too.

Once again, the weather was sunny and hot and the natural beauty of the Chapel’s garden was everywhere evident. Many thanks for the work of the devoted volunteers whose efforts to transform the garden and altar into an outdoor place of worship every week make St. Aidan’s such a special community.

We thank Noah for his fifth year of service to St. Aidan’s and wish him and his family a healthy and blessed year ahead. See you next summer… our sandy beaches await your return in 2023!