Rev. Mike Dangelo Named Vicar

Steve Hatfield, Chair of the Standing Committee, announced the appointment of Rev. Mike Dangelo as the new Vicar of St. Aidan’s, succeeding Rev. Maribeth Conroy. He has served St. Aidan’s with grace, intelligence, generosity and enthusiasm since 2009. We welcome his experience and continued leadership going forward.

Mike commented recently on his appointment:
Being the Vicar of St. Aidan’s is a great honor for me. For the last ten years or so, my family and I have benefitted from the wisdom and work of Tim Stafford and Maribeth Conroy as the Vicars before me. Their love of the chapel and desire to see each summer as a blessing for all of St. Aidan’s clergy is something I share. I hope that I can help new and returning clergy come to know and love the chapel, her people and the South Dartmouth area!