Summer season comes to a joyful close!

Labor Day weekend marked the return of The Rev. Maribeth Conroy to serve St. Aidan’s through September 12, the final service of the summer. The happy reunion of our former vicar and the congregation was warm and high spirited as Rev. Maribeth preached here for the first time since 2019. Complications surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic kept her from traveling from her Coral Gables, FL. church and school in 2020.

Themes of hope, love and the commitment to be active servants of Christ’s words and deeds flowed through her warm and thoughtful sermons as she reflected on the scriptures readings from both the Old and New Testaments. She also welcomed the Hargrave family as Catherine and her groom prepared for their marriage ceremony at St. Aidan’s on Sept 11.

The beauty of the Chapel grounds was a fitting setting for Maribeth’s interpretation of the poignancy of Christ’s message. The hydrangeas may be reflecting their autumnal color palette but the power of being together in Christ’s name, never fades. See you all next summer!