The Rev. Dr. Maribeth Conroy to “Retire” from St. Aidan’s

Serving St Aidan’s for seventeen years is a deeply meaningful professional and spiritual experience for Rev. Maribeth Conroy.  This September will be her remaining opportunity to lead services, preach, and occupy the vicarage on Smith Neck Road as a visiting priest. Going forward, Maribeth has decided to make room in her busy calendar for other activities apart from St. Aidan’s, including more time to travel (post-Covid) and discover alternative ways to enjoy her summer break. She currently serves as Rector and Acting Head of School at St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church in Coral Gables, Florida.

She recently observed that “…St. Aidan’s Chapel is not meant to be a regular parish. In church terms we call it a “peculiar” – which I happen to think is the perfect term.  And as such, it needs to be held lightly and lovingly. The gentle spirit and temporality of the summer season are part of what help make St. Aidan’s so special.”

Since 2004, Maribeth has presided over numerous christenings, weddings and memorial services in addition to the weekly Sunday services.  Community members enjoy her intelligence, wit, warmth and wisdom and look forward to her summertime sermons.

Maribeth added: “The life of faith has taught me that our lives are in endless series of hellos and good-byes. I give thanks for the many friends I have made in the years I was privileged enough to serve at St. Aidan’s and I know that good byes are not forever. I look forward to many visits to St. Aidan’s in the years to come and will always give thanks for this very special place.”

It is our hope that Maribeth will indeed return to South Dartmouth, knowing she is a beloved member of the St. Aidan’s family.  Her contributions are too numerous to count, but as we enjoy the beautiful rug embracing the baptismal font, we will think of Maribeth’s loving efforts and nimble artistry as well. The needlepoint creation is her lasting gift to our chapel, just like her commitments over time to tend the faith, spirituality, and well-being of all who worship at St. Aidan’s.  Thank you Maribeth and Godspeed our friend!