Three Quick Questions for Rev. Kit Lonergan

Rev. Kit LonerganWhat do you find challenging in your work?

Humans are challenging in general– all of us, parishioners, clergy, and our communities. The greatest challenges in ministry are when we forget that we are all fallible, imperfect works in progress, and expect perfection from every angle. It’s not who we were made by God to be.

What gives you joy in your work?

Humans are intriguing works in progress, and discovering the joys of wonder, connection and love from the stories I get to hear and witness makes my calling a delight.

What kinds of books, periodicals, podcasts, etc., do you read for pleasure, inspiration and/or intellectual grist for the mill? 

The books I am bringing to the rectory at St. Aidan’s are probably a good summary of what I usually read– The Hidden Life of Trees (which didn’t get a shout-out from Ted Lasso exactly, but basically the summary of its thesis did!); This Here Flesh, by Cole Arthur Riley– I am basically on Instagram only to follow her handle #BlackLiturgies which is stunning– she’s an amazing writer and theologian; WWI/ WW2 lady detective novels– especially the Maisie Dobbs series, which I only read on vacations because I devour them. I thought David Sedaris’ Calypso was his best work so far, and so I’m hoping to read his newest book if the library has it on hand! Instead of podcasts, I usually do the NYT crossword puzzles, and if we do listen to one, it’s probably Wow in the World!, which is basically fun science for kids, but it’s fascinating for kids and adults alike, and it’s the reason I know about the elevator to space, and that wombats’ poop in squares!